Thursday, 4 August 2016

Kube Studio - Succeed at modelling by letting your personality shine.

A Model Personality. 

Kube Studios knows that its not just your looks that makes you a good model, its also your unique personality that will help you stand out from the crowd. The most important element you can use when modelling is your personality, there is no one else in the world like you and that will help you stand out when looking for modelling jobs. Here some unique selling points you can use when looking for modelling jobs. 

How you carry yourself in front of the camera will be unique to you, some models are feisty and love to make bold gestures durning photo shoots. Whereas some models are more demure, no matter what your personality is like, just be true to yourself. Famous models like Cara Delevingne puts her succeed at modelling down to how she works the camera. Cara is well known for her trademark eyebrows and the expressive faces she uses in front of the camera. She can go from glam to goofy to smoldering and innocent for whatever photo shoots she does. 

Your style will also be a unique selling point, modelling agencies likes individuals looks and styles. So use your individual style to your advanced. It does matter  whether your style rock chick, tomboy or geeky. Kube Studios encourages you to be your true self and to use your unique personality and style to shine through in your photo shoots. 

If you’re an aspiring model contact Kube Studios here to register with us. You can also follow Kube Studios on Twitter and Like Kube Studios on Facebook. Also you can watch Kube Studios video below to find out more about the work we do.


Thursday, 30 June 2016

Kube Studios - Model Marketing

The Importance of Model Marketing 

Kube Studios team has many years’ experience in the modelling industry, they know that it is important for a model to have quality promotional material for them to market themselves in the best way possible. At Kube Studios we support aspiring models from their very first photo-shoot to getting them noticed in the industry by marketing themselves successfully, so they can get paid modelling work. 

At Kube Studios we know that our work is not done after a client has attended a photo-shoot with us, afterwards it’s important that they are promoted well within the industry.  We know that aspiring models needs advice, guidance and professional tools like a model CV: the portfolio to help them stand out from the crowd. Many aspiring models who have visited our studios have successfully found paid work using our tools and advice we have provided. 

So if you’re an aspiring model remember that it is important to have professional material to help promote yourself in the best way possible. Most modelling agencies like to work with models who are committed and have some prior experience, usually they rely on professional portfolios in order to commission models. 

If you’re an aspiring model contact Kube Studios here to found out more about our services. You can also follow Kube Studios on Twitter and Like Kube Studios on Facebook. Also you can watch Kube Studios video below to find out more about the work we do.


Sunday, 29 May 2016

Kube Studio - Fashion Photography Experts

Kube Studios Premier Fashion Studio. 

Kube Studios are a fashion photography studio based in London, Manchester and Birmingham. Our goal is to provide an inspiring and positive experience for all our clients and help to guide aspiring models break into the modelling industry. 

They work with a range of different ages from children to middle age,Kube Studio will work with you to make sure you achieve the look you want. Many people who come to Kube Studio may have no experience in front of the camera before. Their dedicated creative team will be on hand to help guide models through their photo shoot to make sure they feel comfortable, confident and happy in front of the camera.   

One important element for breaking into the modelling industry is to have a good portfolio which will help you get noticed by modelling agencies. Kube Studios can help create a unique portfolio that will make you stand out from the crowd. If you are interested in modelling, visit the Kube Studios website to contact them. 

Watch this video to find out more about Kube Studios 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Child Models

Kube Studios advice about child models. 

Some parents may worry that their child is a little bit shy when doing a photoshoot, but its nothing to worry about. Kube Studios often see mothers bring their children in for photoshoots and they can get a bit nervous about all the equipment and lights. However its children's personalities need to shine through strong to make the best photos. Here are some tips that may prove helpful when you are trying to promote self confidence in your child whether for their first day at school or a photography session.

As a parent, you should remember that shyness is not personality disorder; it is just a trait. Most people liken shyness in children to poor self-image and low self-esteem. However, this doesn't mean they have low-self-esteem some children are just naturally mild-mannered and reserved. This is a good thing in itself. Kube Studios noticed that a child with higher self-esteem who establishes eye contact more often is generally very photogenic.

Children are very receptive individuals and have a tendency to imitate adults. If your children see you as a shy person, they are more likely to be shy as well. To help your child overcome shyness and succeed as a child model, it's perhaps time to try and overcome yours too. You can be a positive role model by showing your child how to be assertive while emphasising that assertiveness doesn't equate to aggressiveness. 

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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Success Stories from the Studio

Kube Studios News

No fashion photography studio in the UK is more connected than Kube Studios. If you are an aspiring model and want to know if you have what it takes then look no further. Kube Studios work with child models, teen models, male, female and body parts models to bring out the best in them and help them create a great modelling portfolio.

Modelling portfolios are used by models to send to modelling agencies. Kube Studios mentors are well connected to many different agencies and can not only ensure your photos are the right quality to be submitted, but guide you in how best to use them and who to approach. Kube Studios is not a modelling agency.

They are based in London, but also have studios in Birmingham and Manchester. Soon, they are unveiling their new Miami studio, taking them across the pond. Here is an example on Twitter of a model from the studio who got noticed by a modelling agency thanks to their team.

If you are interested in contacting them, then visit the Kube Studios website. Read Kube Studios reviews here. You can also follow Kube Studios on Facebook and watch this video about them here:

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Kube Studios Modelling Tips

Modelling tips from Kube Studios 

If you are an aspiring model there is no better place to perfect your skills than Kube Studios. We give you real advice and guidance that will help you succeed and stand out from the crowd. Modelling is about commitment and willingness to push yourself. Determination is key to making it as a model and you also have to have the right tools and professional support. Many models only find this through friends or when they get signed to an agency, but how do you show an agency you have what it takes?

1) Have a z card or modelling portfolio

Without an up to date, and accurate modelling portfolio you can't be considered for many castings and can't show your full potential to a modelling agency. Modelling is extremely competitive and anything you can do to make yourself get noticed is worth doing. Make sure your portfolio is not air brushed and taken recently.

2) Don't be late

Be professional at all time, courteous, polite and take it in your stride. This includes what time you turn up. Show them it is important to you and turn up early. Talk to other people around you to learn more about the casting and their experiences and make friends. If people see you are a professional, they will treat you as such. 

3) Facing rejection

Even after you get your portfolio and all the advice you need from Kube Studios, there may be times when you just don't get that modelling job you were after. It is times like these when you need to be resourceful and get back up on your feel and say 'it doesn't matter, let's try again'. Like Stallone said in Rocky Balboa, it is not how hard you can get hit which makes a winner, it's how hard you can get hit, and get back up again'.

To find out more about Kube Studios visit their website. Read new Kube Studios reviews here. You can also connect with Kube Studios on Linkedin here.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Kube Studios tips on how to pose in a photo shoot

How to pose in a photo shoot.

Like any profession, it can take years to build up the right knowledge for your industry. Modelling is not different, there are many things you could practice before your photo shoot. Here Kube Studios guide to how to pose correctly at photo shoots. 

  1. Use a mirror.  Learn how your body looks and moves. The mirror is a perfect tool to give you an idea of what the camera can see.
  2. Use separation between your limbs from your body. This helps to prevent your arms and legs from being squashed against you and making you look awkward. This can also give an illusion of a slimmer figure. 
  3. Lighting. Use lighting to your advantage. For example, if you raise an arm to the light, it could be a whole lot brighter in camera than your face this is because it’s the object closest to the source of light. This will also cast a shadow across you, which will not be flattering.  To counteract this you can use your other arm or move your arm a backwards slightly, so it is away from the direct beam of light. Learning how the light will fall is very helpful when you are trying to get a perfect pose.
  4. Eyes. sometimes if you not careful your eyes can look un- focused. To try and avoid this follow the line of your nose so it keeps your sight straight, this will also prevent too much of the white of the eye showing.
  5. Elongate your neck. This can simulate height and poise. This can be hard to remember because it feels unnatural. Try standing in front of the mirror and stand how you would normally. Then try rolling your shoulders back allowing your face to come forward. This should make a difference in the width of your neck. You can also try popping your jaw towards the camera this creates a strong line as your will have created a shadow
  6. Smaller waist.  You can create an slimmer appearance by positioning yourself to the camera, then you can create the waist you want seen with positioning of your hands on the hips
  7. Hands. It is important to keep your hands loose, try not to clump your fingers together and try to not show as much of the back of your hand. This is because the sides of your hands are smaller and dainty so they look better in photos.

       Kube Studios is a fashion photography studio based in London, Birmingham      and Manchester Visit Kube Studios on Facebook and give us a like.